Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path.

March 21, 2020


This is going to be a really great year” These were the words of a Refinery29 meme I reposted on January 1st, 2020. Often, the start of a new year brings hope to many of us; hopes of a fresh start and new beginnings. A way for us to wash away the past. I was one of them. But just a few months into 2020 and all over the world, we are all wondering wtf? So far, we have unexpectedly lost one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Kobe Bryant.  A worldwide pandemic has forced social isolation, and the stock market is crashing, fast. But seriously, what the fuck is going on? Just a few months in and this year is far from what any of us could have predicted.


2019 was a very difficult year for me personally, full of so many transitions and ups and downs. In May I left my career (which was beginning to feel stagnant) to embark on a new journey, one in which I truly believed God had called me to; only to find myself in a very toxic environment where I was undervalued and unappreciated. In December, I quit; the first time in my left I left a job without having anything "lined up". Needless to say, I was really looking forward to the new year, which for me meant positive vibes and new beginnings! At the time I didn’t understand why God was allowing all of these “bad things” to happen to me. Looking back, I see that God was with me the whole time and just asking me to trust him. Sometimes if we don’t move, he will force us into taking our first step. Fast-forward a few months, to February 2020 - I somehow lucked up on a better opportunity. I shouldn’t say luck, because it truly was a blessing. Moral of the story: Trust God. Let go of anyone or anything that isn’t serving you. There isn’t anything that you can lose, that he can’t replace. God always has your back.


"I had to make you uncomfortable, or you would have never moved." - God




Amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, my new organization has, (thankfully) allowed us to work remotely until this crisis clears up. Just a few weeks into March, and yet again, I am adjusting to my “new normal”. With very little social interaction and almost no opportunities to leave the house, our minds can all grow tired and weary. This “social distancing” and lack of vitamin-D can leave us all feeling drained.


So the million-dollar question is, what now? What’s next? What do we do? How long will this last? Uncertainty can kill the human spirit, quicker than a stage 5 terminal cancer. However, if we choose to embrace uncertainty, what feels like a prison sentence, could actually be a beautiful transitional period. A chance to rest, reflect, and refresh.


I heard a saying once that says, “Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.” Maybe that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Breakthroughs seldomly look like what we expect them to. Sometimes the only way out is through it. 


Activities to keep yourself busy during this "Transitional period"

  • Exercise/Yoga

  • Meditate

  • Take a walk outside/Go for a run

  • Go for a hike

  • Clean your home

  • Redecorate

  • Relax

  • Take time to learn a new language

  • Learn a new skill (photoshop, digital marketing, etc.)

  • Revamp your resume

  • Practice great skincare (I recommend the Lavender Sleeping Mask by Laneige)

  • Paint

  • Write

  • Try a new recipe

  • Try a new hairstyle

  • Netflix and Chill

  • Listen to a podcast

  • Reconnect with yourself and what truly makes you happy



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